Housekeeper - Part time

San Antonio, TX
Things you will love about this job:
  • Being part of a great team
  • Work that keeps you physically fit
  • The beautiful and well-maintained working environment

Flexible Hours

Duties include:
  • Cleaning offices and community areas, including common areas, laundry rooms and breezeways
  • dusting
  • vacuuming carpets and upholstered furniture
  • cleaning glass surfaces
  • removing trash
  • cleaning and sanitizing restrooms and water fountains
  • laundry
  • Thoroughly cleaning apartments after move-out
  • Maintaining safety and sanitation by cleaning spills, using hazard signs, reporting damage, etc.
  • Reporting to management any health or safety concerns, such as unleveled walking paths, changes in a resident’s behavior, presence of insects, etc.
Franklin Park Alamo Heights is located at 230 W. Sunset Rd. San Antonio, Tx 78209. Visit our website for information about the apartments, amenities and lifestyle.

JOB CODE: Franklin Park